JIPA Network and JIPAconnect Roles and Responsibilities

JIPAconnect is a membership program developed and managed by JIPA Network to provide consumers with access to its specialized medical coordination services.  Through the JIPAconnect membership program, members are provided access to a network of credentialed health providers.  JIPA Network is responsible for clinical care coordination, providing quotes and creating physician-developed care plans tailored to each patient, as well as negotiating discounted and bundled pricing, collecting payments on behalf of providers and facilitating a seamless continuum of care for patients. In addition, JIPA Network provides hospitality services at no cost to further facilitate the medical services being coordinated. 

JIPA Network has developed a process to credential providers and exercises utilization analysis to maintain the integrity of our affiliations; however, the providers of clinical care service are responsible for meeting best clinical practices according to the country of practice, and are solely responsible for maintaining such standing.

JIPA Network is not an insurance company but works with various insurance health plans providing coverage in the region. JIPA does not bear insurance liabilities for patients requiring medical treatment, but functions as an intermediary to facilitate access to discounted health care in a timely manner.  It is up to the patient and the payor to accept or reject a provider when care is administered through the JIPA provider network.

JIPA Network does not provide health care services. Any medical opinion expressed will be a function of the health care provider under the jurisdiction of and under the mal-practice coverage of the practitioner(s) involved. As JIPA Network is not a provider of health care services, it does not carry mal-practice insurance. Neither JIPAconnect nor JIPA Network guarantees the clinical outcomes of services provided through its network of providers.


Neither JIPA Network nor JIPAconnect are insurance companies and, as such, there are no premiums associated with services, for either patients or providers. There are no membership fees required to join the program. Payment for any and all services are included within the quote prior to services being rendered, and must be agreed upon by the patient and payor before services are rendered.

In order for JIPA Network to access substantially lower and competitive rates, JIPA Network must collect payment prior to services being rendered. If additional services are incurred during the treatment process, collection will be made after the services are rendered. In the event that services are not rendered, JIPA Network will issue a refund for these services.

For JIPAconnect members with insurance, JIPA Network cannot guarantee that an amount paid for JIPA Network services will be fully honored by their insurance company. JIPA Network works diligently with its members and their insurance companies to assist with any claims matters.

Individuals and organizations utilizing JIPA’s provider network and JIPA Network’s Third Party Administrative services have the final liabilities for charges issued by the provider of health care services.

Due to the unpredictable nature of patient care, the estimated costs associated with the plan of care may evolve according to the patient's needs. In most instances, this is due to a deviation from the initial treatment plan, as forecasted and outlined in the plan of care. The patient always reserves the right to refuse services prior to the services being rendered. In the event of additional services being supplied, supplemental payments for services may be required. In the event of services no longer being necessary, a refund will be issued in accordance with the circumstances. JIPA Network will do all that is within its power to secure bundled prices and/or reduced rates whenever possible.


Patient privacy is of the utmost importance to JIPA Network. All coordination is conducted under HIPAA guidelines of best practices and is compliant with the standards stipulated.



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